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Winter Whale Watching in Newcastle!


What’s your favourite part of winter? After the last Autumn leaves have fallen, June brings with it a cold chill that we haven’t felt for a while. To many, this is a reason to curl up on the couch next to a warm fire. To us, winter means one thing, Humpback WHALES!

This week we celebrate the official beginning of the 2019 Humpback Whale migration in Newcastle. Over the next few months, we expect to see thousands of these gentle giants cruise along our coastline. With it showing us their acrobatic displays, including lobtailing or fluke slapping, spy hopping, pectoral fin slapping and of course, breaching!

CoastXP Humpback Whale

At CoastXP we could not be more excited to be entering our second whale watching season in Newcastle. From the months of June — November we will be conducting daily whale watching or Encounter Tours along the Hunter Coastline.

These tours are so much more than just a ‘whale watch’, although they are that too; our Encounter Tours are an immersive introduction to the coastline of Newcastle and it’s landmarks, with authentic commentary of the coastline’s history, aboriginal heritage and it’s marine life. On the topic of marine life, while there are plenty of whales to be spotted, many of our 2018 whale watching tours saw not only whales but dolphins and seals too!

Humpback Whale Newcastle

We have begun to see the first whales of the season over the past few weeks. As seen in the images above and below, this was one of the most interesting humpback whales I have ever seen. It seemed to have a unique skin pigmentation, discolouration or even possible skin disease?

The whale had large portions of white or grey skin over it’s back and fluke (tail). While humpback whales are usually identified by the individual and unique markings on the underside of their fluke. This one was special and was easily identified from a distance. The Organisation for Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia (ORRCA) were especially interested in closely monitoring this whale’s migration pattern.

Humpback Fluke Newcastle

During the season, we will also be running exclusive Sunrise Whale Photography Workshops with professional ocean photographer and Newcastle local Scott Harrison. Visit our website to ask about our Encounter Tours or our Sunrise Whale Photography Workshops.