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A Community Focused Tour Company in Newcastle

Around 70% of the earth’s surface is covered by water. Our small startup on the Hunter Coast aims to showcase what makes our portion amazing. At CoastXP we have a strong focus on our community and our local ecosystems. Each of our unique eco-experiences focuses on the natural environment which surrounds us.

We support and collaborate with a range of local community groups, organisations and not-for-profits. We’re proud to work closely with local councils, The University of Newcastlethe Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia (ORRCA), Miromaa Aboriginal Language & Technology Centre, NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service and the Newcastle Tourism Industry Group.


MySequester is a carbon offset marketplace connecting individuals to landholders. The marketplace acts as a small scale carbon offset system letting individuals directly offset their carbon footprint for the activities they participate in.

MySequester was founded by Seth Williams after a trip to India whereby Seth witnessed first hand the devastating effects of environmental destruction and how critical tree planting and reforestation projects can be to a community’s overall sustainability. Hence MySequester’s mission is to encourage business, groups and individuals to calculate their carbon footprint in order to help fund a public incentive pool which directly offsets carbon emission through self-directed reforestation projects.

At CoastXP we do everything we can to minimise our environmental footprint, which is why we have partnered with MySequester and are delighted to offer passengers a carbon offset alternative on every one of our tours.

MySequester aims to change the lack of transparency and community connection within the carbon offsetting process, by keeping projects local. This is why our partnership commits to only planting trees along the Hunter Coastline.