Learn with Elasmo!


From its beginnings as a small Newcastle-based social apparel brand, Elasmo has grown into a Newcastle-based education organisation for all things science and sustainability, and we think it’s awesome!

Hollie and the Elasmo team have been teaching school-based education programs for some time now, focused on primary and high school students, through short term, in-class workshop-style classes as well as online activities. Through these classes, students who are referred to as “elasmonauts” are encouraged to heavily participate in their own learning, and the learning of their peers.


Elasmo has recently launched some very exciting news, they will be expanding their education programs to include adults, as well as students! Their programs have been designed to supplement both the NSW Science and Geography Syllabus and are connected to the global problem-solving framework: the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

You don’t necessarily have to be an eco-warrior to enjoy learning with Elasmo, their programs are designed to educate multiple generations on our ability to make a significant difference to our marine environment by protecting and conserving the animals which inhabit it.

Hollie Newman Elasmo

Hollie Newman is the mastermind behind Elasmo and the team, she is a creative personality, passionate about all things related to the marine environment and life on earth. Hollie is a very talented individual, with a great eye for design, having studied a Bachelor of Visual Communication and Design (Graphic Design) at The University of Newcastle.

Hollie is passionate about caring for our environment, and best of all making it FUN! Under Hollie’s leadership, Elasmo has run numerous beach clean-ups, school-based workshops and events. This new phase for Elasmo is super exciting and one that has taken a lot of planning and background work.

Elasmo’s expanded education programs officially launch in September 2019. If you would like to register or learn more about the programs on offer visit the Elasmo website.

Elasmo Beach Clean

CoastXP and Elasmo have partnered to bring you ‘Baleen t-shirts’, these are no ordinary t-shirts, they are sustainable and organic CoastXP branded t-shirts. And, with 100% of all profits going towards Elasmo and their mission, you can feel good about wearing them too!

This is just the beginning of the work Elasmo and CoastXP have planned for our local community and environment, so keep in touch with them to stay up to date!