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Around 70% of the earth's surface is covered by water. Our small startup on the Hunter Coast aims to showcase what makes our portion amazing, but it's about more than us. This is why CoastXP supports a range of local community groups, not-for-profits and social ventures; the reason being is we believe every business has the ability to do good, so by participating in CoastXP experiences you are doing your part to help our community. 



Elasmo is a Newcastle-based social apparel brand with the key mission of protecting, educating and conserving the marine environment and the animals which inhabit it.

Elasmo is committed to making a difference through their beach clean-ups, local school-based education programs and events. Their shared love for the ocean is what drives these ocean warriors to do good and create awesome threads.

25% of all elasmos (Elasmobranchii) - sharks and rays are endangered.

At CoastXP, we believe the ocean has done so much for us, it's time to give back. This is why 100% of the profits from the sale of our baleen t-shirts go to supporting Elasmo and their mission.

Sustainable and organic 'Baleen t-shirts' can be purchased when booking a tour, or via the Elasmo website.


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